Wheel Alignment in Yonkers NY

Wheel alignment and Tire Balancing are both important part of car maintenance. Our Auto Repair Shop in Yonkers NY, we specialize in Wheel Alignment, and Tire Balancing. Our car repair shop handles wheel alignments for all makes and models, of cars and light trucks. All of our mechanics are wheel alignment experts and all are certified master mechanics in their fields.

How Important is a Wheel Alignment?

At our Yonkers location we can’t stress enough the importance of Wheel Alignments and Tire Balancing. Wheel alignments not only deal with tires it also deals with your steering and suspension. When you align your wheels or balance your tires you will reduce wear and tear on your tires. Doing so you will save money on tires by extending the life your current set. Another major benefit of a wheel alignment is it helps you achieve better gas mileage. When your tires are not aligned your car will work harder due to the car being dragged sideways. The effect this has on your car is that you will eventually drive extra unnecessary miles. Having a wheel alignment or having your tires balanced will fix this situation by ensuring you have proper steering and handling.

When is a Wheel Alignment Necessary?

Proper alignment and balancing is always a good idea. However, here are some tell tale signs that a wheel alignment is necessary.

  • Steering Problems
  • Tires appear to tilt or lean inwards or outwards (camber)
  • Tires appear to turn inwards or outwards (toe)
  • New tires are wearing out quickly
  • Uneven wear on tire treads
  • Your steering wheel is vibrating
  • Your steering wheel is not centered when you drive straight


If you have not had a wheel alignment in a while you should ask your mechanic about it during your next inspection, oil change, or regular tune-up visit. Maintaining your wheels and tires will save you money and headaches down the road. Contact us today to learn more.

At Hughes Motors Corporation use the latest equipment on the vehicles service. That is why, we use the Hunter Hawkeye Wheel Alignment System. Hunter’s Alignment System is the #1 tool on the market in its class. Not only does the Hawkeye System do its job, but it also keeps your car safe from damage through multiple safety features. Although, no matter how great our equipment is, we believe a tool is only as good as its user. That is why our mechanics are the best in their class.

Some Key Features:

  • High Resolution Cameras

  • Integrated Steering System Reset

  • Fast Spec Recall

  • No metal on metal contact

  • Award Winning Console Design and Software

  • TPMSpecs

  • Detailed Workflow Printout

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