Sunoco Environmental and Safety

It is our planet too!

Sunoco Environmental ResponsibilityAs a corporation we believe that we have a responsibility to protect the environment and provide a safe workplace. So it is no wonder that here at Sunoco, these priorities are of utmost importance. It’s why we are industry leaders when it comes to environmental practices, and have excellent safety performance records across the company. Most important, we are constantly committed to creating and implementing new standards to continuously improve in both of these areas. You can count on Sunoco, to always be at the forefront of corporate responsibility.

To reduce engine and fuel supply deposits, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires all consumer gasoline to contain detergent additives. At Sunoco, we have conducted our own testing to ensure our gasoline keeps intake valves and fuel injectors clean. As a result, our gasolines significantly exceed EPA gasoline detergency standards. In a recent report known as the Updated Environmentalist’s Guide to Gasoline, the Sierra Club lists Sunoco as the most environmentally responsible oil corporation in the United States.

Sunoco and The Ceres Principles

In 1993, Sunoco endorsed the Ceres Principles, a ten-point code of corporate environmental conduct to be publicly endorsed by companies as an environmental mission statement or ethic. To this day, we are the only oil company to endorse the Ceres principles, which include:

  • Reducing overall emissions to the environment
  • Promoting sustainable use of natural resources
  • Reducing and eliminating waste where possible through best practices
  • Conserving energy through careful selection of raw materials and energy sources
  • Preventing health and safety incidents such as environmental spills and other accidents through sound maintenance and work practices
  • Taking responsibility for any harm caused by our operations to our employees, customers, the general public, or the environment
  • Informing the public of our environmental and safety practices and record, reporting on our progress in consistent, measurable terms

We Put Safety First

The safety of our employees and contractors is a core company value. We strive to achieve top safety performance each year by focusing on:

  • Safety Leadership – All contractors and employees must understand their individual role in our safety program and are held accountable to work safely every day.
  • Hazard Recognition – Through the use of Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) potential hazards can be recognized and prevented at each work site.
  • Safety Training – Training modules use the latest adult learning and comprehension techniques to ensure our employees and contractors understand the safety requirements and retain the knowledge necessary to help them work safe.
  • Commitment – Employees and management are key to achieving positive safety performance. All Sunoco employees are expected, and encouraged, to take the initiative to either help resolve an issue, correct the situation, or notify appropriate personnel so the issue can be resolved.